Patient information

Please download and complete our pre-appointment information form and bring it along to your first appointment.

We endeavour to provide you with full information and peace of mind before and after any procedure. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New patients

Before your first consultation


Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time, as this enables you to complete some necessary paperwork. Bring your referral with you, as it is a Medicare requirement for patients to have a valid referral. Please note that GP referrals are valid for 12 months from the date written and Specialist referrals are valid for 3 months. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that their referral is current. Also bring your Medicare and Health Fund details with you and any relevant results such as scans and pathology pertaining to the reason for your appointment.

Fees and charges

We request payment on the day. We have EFTPOS facilities available and we can lodge the account with Medicare to obtain your rebate (providing your bank account is registered with Medicare).

Preparing for surgery

Pre-admission information

Our reception staff will provide you with the paperwork for your hospital admission together with follow up appointments after surgery to have your wound checked and re-dressed.

Will I require medication?

Please take your regular medication unless advised otherwise. If staying overnight please bring your medication with you.

What to bring with you

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and bring a book or a magazine to read in case you have to wait. If staying overnight you will need a change of clothes, night attire and toiletries.

After surgery

Post-operative care and recovery

When will I be discharged?

This will be discussed at the time of your surgery booking.

How many review appointments will I receive?

This will depend on the procedure that you are undertaking. However all this is usually advised at the time of booking your procedure.

Post-operative wound care

Dressings serve a purpose. They can prevent infection, aid healing, serve as reminder to take it easy, provide support and comfort and can cover our wounds from the public eye.

Plastic Surgeons take great pride in their dressings because it reflects their work and attention to detail and because complications related to poor dressing technique or absent dressing can lead to poor healing and scarring. Most dressings will last until your next scheduled visit, so please look after them.

Wound care instructions
  • Leave the dressing intact, dry and clean until reviewed by your Plastic Surgeon at your next appointment
  • Apply the ointment provided to the wound(s) three times per day
  • Leave the dressing intact – it is waterproof and should allow you to have a shower but not a soak in the bath
  • The dressing can get wet – leave it on and dry it with a hair dryer on a low heat setting
  • If you require a specialised dressing regime please see the wound care sheet provided by your Plastic Surgeon
What if the dressing falls off?
  • Contact us
  • Apply the ointment provided to the wound(s) three times per day
  • Replace the dressing with a new sterile one, leaving the paper tapes over the wound
  • Replace the dressing with a sterile one
What if the dressing gets wet?
  • Dry it with a hair dryer on a low heat setting
  • Replace it
  • Contact us
Please contact us if
  • You experience pain and throbbing for more than the first day
  • You notice wound/surrounding tissue redness
  • You notice a discharge from the wound (other than initial ooze of blood in the first 24 hours)
  • If the wound bleeds excessively and soaks the dressing
  • If you feel feverish and unwell
  • If you are concerned and need advice

Should you have difficulty contacting us, please call The Department of Emergency Medicine at either the Hobart Private Hospital on 03 6214 3080 or Calvary Hospital on 03 6278 5333 or contact your local GP.